What does a locksmith do

What Does A Locksmith Do

Life experience may not yet have led you to require the services of a locksmith. You then may wonder what a locksmith does and what services they offer. After reviewing the information below, you will see the benefit of having a trusted local locksmith name, like Calgary Rekey Lockworks, in your contact list.

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A locksmith in Alberta is often Blue Seal certified, meaning they know what they are doing. According to the Government of Alberta website, persons wishing to be a locksmith must “hold a valid security workers license under the Alberta Security Service and Investigators Act (SSIA) and  be a registered apprentice, an Alberta-certified journeyperson, or hold a valid recognized credential.” The apprenticeship term is three years including at least 1,560 hours of on-the-job training and eight weeks of technical training each year. Full details are available via the government website. In short, training and learning the skills to become a certified locksmith in Alberta is serious business.

Your local professional locksmith can typically assist with commercial and residential locks and safety-related situations. Some services could be:


For Businesses Needs:

Not only might there be an office building, but remember there are warehouses, multi-locations, and other outbuildings.

  • Replace or rekey locks. Commercial locks are not like those on your home. There are locks meant to withstand many more uses and are not simple locks.
  • Security is a concern. High-security locks, correct plates and guards to withstand attack need to be installed
  • Shatterproof window film can be installed to prevent illegal entry.
  • Locking system which can control where in the building employees are allowed to access.
  • Add a safe to secure important documents which must be kept on the premise.

A complete review to assess the security of the commercial space can be completed by Calgary Rekey Lockworks. Hiring only a trusted professional is very important.

For Residential Needs:

Your local Calgary locksmith has the experience to offer services to keep your family safe.

  • Moving into a new residence previously owned? Check out our blog “Why Replace Locks in Your Home?” You don’t know who else has keys to your new home.
  • Locked out of your home or lost your keys? This is probably the most known reason people call a locksmith. But, don’t just call anyone in Calgary! Read about the Scammers, then call Calgary Rekey Lockworks.
  • Home security needs? A locksmith can review your property, recommend and provide security for your home. Window locks, security locks, safes, etc.
  • Keyless entry. This is a great idea when lost keys are an issue.

And don’t forget the need for emergency services! Lost keys, forgotten keys, homes broken into. Your local locksmith is your first step piece of mind.

Mentioned are the many services your locksmith can provide. You never know when you may need a locksmith. It is extremely important to know who you can trust and rely on. Who has the experience and knowledge to do the job.

Calgary Rekey Lockworks, Calgary’s trusted locksmith. Call us at (403) 202-7656.