secure your business

Tips to Better Secure Your Business

Owning a business requires attention to many tasks and details. Whether the business is big or small, old or new, one item should not be forgotten or put off to a later date is how to secure your business.

There is the technology side of security which your IT professionals should be managing. What about the security inside the office or building? If the business operates out of its own building, what about the security outside the building – doors, yard, gates, etc.?

Commercial businesses don’t always think of needing security inside the building when they don’t have equipment or products to protect. Other assets such as desks, chairs, files (yes your paperwork is an asset), etc., do need protection. Loss of computers, servers, or any other equipment will be a great loss. Larger equipment loss or loss of products sold by the company could be the difference between continuing to operate the business or bankruptcy.

So what do you do to protect the business? Having a relationship with your local Calgary locksmith can help put your mind at ease. Contacting your trusted professional locksmith, Calgary Rekey Lockworks, for an evaluation of your commercial property security is your first step.

During the assessment process the locksmith will look at:

  • What type of locks are used on any doors, exterior or interior? Will they stand up to a break-in attempt? How resistant are the locks? Are they in good condition? Locks are not all the same. Commercial locks are of a higher grade material.
  • Who has keys to the building? If there have been many other tenants or change of employees who had keys consider changing the locks or rekeying the locks.
  • Is there a need for a Safe or Lockbox?
  • Can the windows be broken into? Consider a shatterproof window film.
  • Is there a property/yard to consider? Does it have or need fencing and a locked gate? If so what type of lock is being used? Again, commercial-grade locks are important.
  • How about lighting or cameras? Simply having adequate lighting can deter theft.

These are some of the items your locksmith will look at with you. Neglecting the security of your office or building puts you at risk for not only loss of property but the loss of business. The second step in the security process is to follow through with your locksmith professional by putting the plan into action.

A secure building/office re-evaluated periodically is a good idea. Consider also the employees. We all want to believe in our employees but a review of company security practices should be part of annual reviews. Do they understand and are knowledgeable about these policies? Does anyone forget to lock property away, or doors, or gates? If so, what is the company policy when this happens?

If employees are responsible for securing the property, do they have a secure place to do so? Like a safe or cupboard? Consider a keyless entry so each person doesn’t have to work about carrying more keys.

The time is now. Secure your commercial property. Contact Calgary Rekey Lockworks for a quote or call us at 403-202-7656.