commercial locks vs. residential locks

The Difference Between Commercial Locks and Residential Locks

Lock Comparison – In an effort to save money, or just not understand there is a difference, an incorrect lock may be chosen – commercial or residential situation. Locks meant for residential use are different from ones used in commercial instances. An incorrect lock reduces the security of the building it is intended to protect. What are the differences between these locks?

In North America, locks are graded by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Grade levels are 1 – most secure, 2 intermediate level of security, and, 3 for basic security.

Grading a lock includes:

  • Strength – will it stand up to use
  • Materials used to manufacture – the quality of the materials
  • Cycles – how much use can it stand before needing to be replaced
  • Finish – will the exterior of the lock stand up to the environment
  • Security – ability to withstand attacks against the lock – think burglary

In the case of locks for commercial buildings, a lock that withstands the toughest environment should be used. Grade 1 locks are best. A lock of the highest quality material to endure weather and usage, and, to withstand attempts to access a building illegally is required. A residential lock, while you want to have a discussion with your local Calgary locksmith, could be a Grade 2 or less. It will not get the same use as a commercial lock and is often protected against Alberta weather.

Locks Designed for Specialized Security Needs

Also, consider who will have access to keys. A residence is normally only the family. Commercial buildings require the owner, leasing company, employees and others to have the keys. Security becomes an issue. Do you have one master key for all doors and subkeys for specific doors? Do you install electronic access or keyless entry? Is there a tracking system for who has keys and when the building is accessed? There are commercial locks for each need. Partnering with a professional local locksmith like Calgary ReKey Lockworks will guide you to the correct solution.

Commercial builders have different building codes for the type of doors and locks to be used. Your Alberta locksmith will be familiar with local codes. Choosing the right type of lock for your building is necessary. Push type door lock for exit doors, or, lever lock for handicap access?

Choosing the correct residential lock is equally important and must also follow the building code, however, the process is easier. Make the informed choice; talk to Calgary ReKey Lockworks.