identifying locksmith scammers

How To Identify Locksmith Scammers

In Alberta, a locksmith must be licensed and a certified journeyperson. When you require the services of a local trusted locksmith, they will be able to show you their license (don’t hesitate to ask to see this before any work is done) and will arrive in a company uniform and company car. Why is this important, you ask? Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that locksmith scammers take advantage of situations where individuals are locked out of a house or car.

Scammers will damage locks and overcharge an individual resulting in a professional locksmith cleaning up the mess. Not only is this frustrating to the individual, but scammers are impacting the reputation of licensed locksmiths. So how do you identify locksmith scammers?

Tips to identify locksmith scammers:

  • When you call the number advertised, the individual does not answer with the company name. They may say “locksmith” or “service.” It is a normal practice when calling any company that the person answering the phone says the company name.
  • If the cost estimate of the work is a very low figure, be skeptical (if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is). The hourly salary for a locksmith is a minimum of $25. Beware of locksmiths that quote lower than this. 
  • Does the company have a website? If so, what kind of information is on it. Do some research into the company. Check out their BBB and Google reviews if they are a legitimate company, you will be able to tell from what others have said about them online. Having a website or ad is not a guarantee the company is real. If you are looking at Google Ads, see if they have a Google Guarantee badge. This has proven to only be as good as the inspection Google does for verified documentation (these can be forged and often are).
  • The response time is longer than expected. A trusted locksmith can tell you within a reasonable time how long before the professional will arrive. 
  • Professional locksmiths can manage to get past any lock. They do not need to drill the lock. This is a sure sign something is not right. Do not let them touch your locks.
  • They ask you to pay in cash. Credit cards are traceable, so they don’t want payment this way.

When you are in an emergency, identifying a locksmith scammer by using this information may seem daunting. If you are not diligent and check the company beforehand, the damage done after the fact may be more time-consuming and costly. Spend the time. Protect yourself and your property.

Just as you would any service you require (hair, doctor, etc) do your research right for a professional trusted licensed locksmith.

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