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Our Featured locksmith services at Calgary Rekey Lockworks

Residential Locksmithing

Most people don’t know that you should have a locksmith rekey your door locks every time you move. Our Calgary residential locksmiths can rekey your front door locks, and upgrade or install new deadbolts. Anytime you lose your keys or need a lock changed, our Calgary locksmiths can do it faster and less expensive than anywhere else! We have standard and more affordable options, all the way up to high security, commercial-grade locks. Contact our Calgary locksmiths for more information on our locks, and to find a solution for what is best for your home and security!

High-Security Work

Our high-security locksmiths are experts with all forms of high-security locks. Whether you want a better lock on your front door, or you’re a business owner looking to beef up security, our high security locksmiths have something for you. We use exclusive keyways, electronic locks, and we also service safes. High security locksmiths often work with expensive and complex systems to control access to highly exclusive areas. Calgary Rekey Lockworks is experienced, professional, and highly trained in the field of high security systems.

Commercial Locksmithing

Our commercial locksmiths in Calgary handle large contracts developing and installing complex master key security systems for businesses. Commercial locksmiths often work in conjunction with construction companies in newly developed buildings. We also install doors and door hardware, and assign master key systems for pre-existing buildings.


Emergency Locksmithing

Nobody thinks about when you might need an emergency locksmith. But locked out emergencies happen every day, at all times of the day, all over Calgary. Our locksmiths are always able to solve your lock crisis! Our Calgary locksmiths respond to lockouts, fix break-ins, and repair broken locks. We also engage in basic locksmith work, such as rekeying locks and installing door hardware—often in the middle of the night. Our emergency Calgary locksmiths work with people who are scared, angry, and vulnerable, and in conjunction with the local police and fire department. We have handled just about any kind of locked out emergency there is in Calgary, and are available for any emergency locksmith work.

Automotive Locksmithing

In Calgary, there are only a few - if any - trustworthy and reliable automotive locksmiths available. Many of those that are available will charge you an arm and a leg, exploiting the emergency situation. Our automotive locksmiths are some of the few that can claim expertise in the field at a reasonable price. This area of our work largely involves opening locked cars, cutting specialized keys, and occasionally tearing out steering columns, door panels, and reprogramming onboard computers. Most often, however, automotive technicians open locked vehicle doors. Automotive technicians provide automotive services at a better price and by more reliable technicians that even your dealership can’t match. We are an official locksmith of AMA Alberta.

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