Tips To Avoid An Apartment Lockout

There are days when life is too busy, and we all feel a little hurried. Children to get ready for school, breakfast to make, dishes to put away, and making sure you make it to work on time. With so much going on accidentally forgetting the keys to the apartment just happens.

Here are a few tips to help prevent an apartment lockout, and in many cases, what to do once the dreaded lockout happens.


With so many incidents of locksmith scammers or locksmiths who are not reputable, sourcing out a company in advance will be beneficial. Companies like Calgary Rekey Lockworks are proven to be knowledgeable, trustworthy, and experienced in emergency repair. Add them to your phone contacts with the phone number – 403.202.7656.


Building management or property management companies will most likely have had to assist others who found themselves locked out. They may already have a person on staff to unlock your door. Often rental management will have a copy of the key to your apartment – unless you changed the lock. The problem may be the management or maintenance team will not see your dilemma as a priority or even be available after normal working hours.


If you share the apartment with a partner or friend, make sure you both have keys to the apartment. Think about leaving a spare key with a trusted friend or family member. Swap keys so you can also be their backup buddy. Tip: colour code the keys (theirs vs yours) or label the keys. Keep keys in a safe place – not so safe you forget where you put the key, however.


Apartment or house keys are not the only keys you will have in your possession. Car keys, mailbox keys, work keys – keep them organized, and when you can make a spare key. When you enter your home at the end of a long day have a designated spot for your keys. Maybe just inside the closet where you have to get your coat, purse, or briefcase. A place you have to see as you leave the next day. Here are a few options for keyholders. Think about having the apartment spare key kept in a wallet. This works for both men and women.

For apartment dwellers being locked out is more challenging as there is less likelihood of finding a window or door to use as an alternate entry point. Nor will there be a backyard where a spare key can be hidden.

A little preparedness can go a long way. Having a trusted locksmith is number one. Right now, add Calgary Rekey Locksmith to your phone. Next, contact the apartment management and ask what the policy is for these situations. Last, find a place for keys in your home that you can’t miss as you leave your home for the day. In your busy life, a quick automatic checklist will help to keep you on track… and not locked out.