Choose a local Locksmith

Why Choose a Local Locksmith

Most of us have our contact list of service people; hairstylists, dentists, doctors, mechanics, etc. Did you notice the list did not include Locksmith? It should. Why? Knowing a trusted licensed and local locksmith BEFORE the service is needed will ensure you don’t get taken advantage of in an emergency.

The internet is ripe with stories of locksmith scammers who take advantage of others. People needing emergency lock services, for car, home or whatever, can inadvertently choose companies who:

  • Belonged to a call centre and therefore did not have local credentials
  • Changed the quoted cost from the original estimate.
  • Asked for cash (red lights should flash on this one)
  • No local license or insurance
  • Could not prove identification
  • Didn’t ask YOU for identification

In Alberta, there are regulations and licensing requirements for all local locksmiths. Here are some suggestions for choosing your locksmith:

Before you need a locksmith do your homework:

  • Check out the suggested websites then call a business you trust – –  to check out the credentials
  • Always get reviews and/or references (Google searches are great for this)
  • A local locksmith will respond more quickly and price quotes more accurately. Always ask for an estimate of the cost -all fees should be listed, ie, travel time, emergency fees, etc.
  • A reputable local locksmith will have an ID for you to checkout; must ask for your ID (how will they know it is your car/house?).
  • A reputable local locksmith will have a written invoice for you with details and will take a credit card.

Having a local reputable locksmith in your contact list means not having to worry you might choose the wrong service. This will give you peace of mind and get the problem resolved without time delay.

Choose Local Locksmith