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Car Lockout Prevention

Car Lockout

Getting locked out of your house or apartment is a stressful experience many of us have experienced. What about being locked out of your vehicle (Car Lockout)? According to the American Automobile Association

“….approximately four million Americans lock their keys in their car annually, and the resulting frustration and even potential risk of harm is just cause for angst”.

Worldwide, drivers have locked themselves out of their cars… and not just the U.S. So what can Calgarians do to reduce, if not prevent, a car lockout?

Before being locked out of your vehicle (or home), make sure your contact list includes your trusted, knowledgeable Calgary locksmith. Choosing one doesn’t have to be taxing. Get started by reviewing some of our online blogs: “How to Find an Emergency Locksmith” or “10 Best Locksmiths in Calgary.”

Lockout Prevention

Your prevention methods for not getting locked out of your car should be much like your list for not getting locked out of your home:

  • Give a spare key to a trusted friend. This is the person you live with or an individual in your friend/family group who is not only trustworthy but will be available when you get locked out.
  • Have a spare key yourself. An extra vehicle key can be kept at your office or in your purse/briefcase.
  • Hide a key on the outside of your vehicle. There are many handy products which can be placed in a safe location on your vehicle. Thieves also know about these products.
  • Many employees now have lanyards around their necks for business reasons. This is a good location for a spare key.

Having a spare key for a vehicle can be pricey depending on the type of key. But, if you are one of those persons who tend to lock themselves out or lose keys the expense is worth it.

Calgary Rekey Lockworks is your Calgary and area experienced locksmith. We are professional locksmiths for commercial and residential locks and safes. As your Calgary lock installer, we also do emergency service for those locked out of their vehicle. We are a certified choice as an automotive locksmith by AMA.

Add our contact information to your list. We are ready to assist you. Our Emergency Number is 403-477-5625.