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10 Best Calgary Locksmiths

Calgary ReKey is One of the 10 Best Calgary Locksmiths to Unlock Any Situation

Looking for a proven locksmith in the Calgary area? Look no further than Calgary ReKey Lockworks. Choosing a trusted experienced and licensed locksmith is important to the safety of your home or business. We are listed on the “Locksmith Reviewed” website as one of “The 10 Best Locksmiths in Calgary to Unlock Any Situation”.

Calgary Rekey Lockworks – Calgary Locksmiths

Calgary Rekey Lockworks is professionally licensed (and we’re happy to prove it!), BBB-A+ accredited, and at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We provide all of the services listed above, at reasonable prices and with significant experience in all sorts of matters related to lock or key. Our Calgary locksmith technicians have not only been a part of the business for generations, but also a part of the family. If you are in need of a trustworthy and reliable Calgary locksmith who will get the job done right, at the right price, contact us today!

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How to Avoid Locksmith Scams

Unfortunately, there are many locksmith scammers out there. They may rip you off directly or even use their locksmithing services to steal from your property.

Here are some of the things you should watch out for when choosing a locksmith:

  • Toll-free numbers. Toll-free numbers are usually associated with call centers based outside of your city. And if they’re based outside the city, it’s either they’re outsourcing and hiring non-licensed locksmiths, or are too far to accommodate your emergency swiftly and cost-effectively.
  • No name companies. If they don’t have any concrete names, chances are, they only hire locksmith subcontractors. It’s either that or they’ve had some serious issues before, which would be worse.
  • Very low pricing. If the prices are too good to be true, then they probably are. Make sure you ask about all expenses, not only labour costs but also transportation costs and after-hour fees.
  • “And-up” pricing. Some scammers may tell you that their services cost a few dollars and up. The ‘and up’ prices can reach up to hundreds and thousands of dollars, so that should signal you to not hire them.
  • Vague answers and alienating terminology. If a locksmith starts talking about super technical terms and refuses to explain things to you, then they may already be ripping you off. The best Calgary locksmiths should be able to diagnose and solve a lock problem easily.
  • Drilling locks. A good locksmith shouldn’t resort to drilling or damaging locks as their first or even second solution. They should be able to unlock just about any lock unless it is absolutely broken inside.
  • No identification. When you call your locksmith, ask them to show some identification upon arrival. ID cards, vehicle labels, and uniforms can all be forms of identification.