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When to Rekey Your Locks

Reasons to Rekey Your Locks

Our Calgary locksmith company provides rekeying services for a number of different situations. Here are a few reasons when to rekey your locks to keep your home safe and secure:

Too Many Different Keys

If you have a different key for every lock, you might end up with a very heavy and bulky keychain—not to mention, it can be hard to remember or find the right key for every lock! In this case, rekeying your locks can help you cut down on the bulk and increase the ease and convenience of accessing multiple doors. You can even reduce all your home’s doors to a single key.

Too Many People with Access

Whether you’ve copied keys and given them out, or previous owners have done so, at some point it’s necessary to rekey your lock in order to protect your home. Keys you’ve given out may have been lost or stolen, and you never know who the previous owner may have shared access with. Rekeying your locks is a cost-effective way of ensuring that these old copies no longer work, so you can protect yourself from unauthorized access.

Lost or Stolen Keys

When keys are lost or stolen, there’s no saying whose hands they will end up in. Rekeying locks will help you protect yourself, your family and property or possessions from potential burglars and other unsavoury characters . Don’t let them exploit the situation for their benefit.

Moving into a New Home

When you buy a new home, it may be new to you – but the previous owners, and anyone they gave keys to, still has access. Our Calgary locksmiths have heard hundreds of stories about people who have come home to discover a complete stranger in their house, because the previous resident’s estranged spouse/old friend/neighbour/other narrowly related acquaintance did not know they had moved. Even then, this is a best case scenario – we’ve heard even worse stories about angry exes or people collecting on debts barging their way in because they somehow got their hands on previous copies of the keys to the home.

Changing locks would also help you prevent access, but if your home already has a working and quality lock, as well as deadbolts or other security measures, then rekeying your lock is all you really need to do.

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