Rekeying or Changing Locks

Rekeying or changing locks, which is better?

Enhance Your Security: Choosing Between Rekeying and Changing Locks

When it comes to securing your space, there inevitably arises a moment demanding attention: the decision to alter your locks. However, the choice isn’t confined to rekeying or changing your locks. Calgary Rekey Lockworks often fields queries about the nuanced differences between rekeying and lock changing, leaving individuals pondering which avenue aligns best with their needs. Let’s delve into the intricacies.

Understanding Rekeying: A Cost-Effective Approach

In many situations, both rekeying and lock changing emerge as viable solutions, contingent on specific circumstances. Rekeying stands out as the more economical choice. The process involves retaining your current lock while modifying its internal configuration. A skilled locksmith disassembles the lock, replacing either the pins within the cylinder or the entire cylinder itself. Consequently, any previous keys become obsolete. Opting for rekeying proves advantageous when key replacements are a frequent necessity. If you’re fond of your existing lock but seek the security of a new key, rekeying offers a seamless solution.

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The Bold Move: Changing Locks

Contrastingly, changing locks represents the pricier alternative. This approach involves a complete replacement of the lock, making it the preferred choice when the existing lock is irreparably damaged. Moreover, if you find yourself in a remodeling phase and desire a new aesthetic or color for your locks, opting for a complete change is the way forward. Upgrading your lock, especially for enhanced security features like keypad systems, necessitates this more comprehensive approach.

If you’re grappling with decisions surrounding rekeying or lock changing, Calgary Rekey Lockworks is just a call away. Our adept staff can not only answer your queries but also facilitate a locksmith technician’s visit to discuss the array of options available to you. Whether you decide on the spot or require time to ponder, our locksmiths can accommodate your needs efficiently.

Both rekeying and changing locks offer distinct advantages based on your unique requirements. Calgary Rekey Lockworks stands ready to assist, ensuring your security concerns are met with tailored solutions.

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