2010 Chev Cobalt new keys

Locksmith Lock Scope to read the teeth depths.

Why use a locksmith lock scope?

Once you lose all the keys to your vehicle, there are several ways to get the job done. An untrained locksmith may simply try to talk the customer into all new locks (including an ignition system) or maybe try and access a special key code from the manufacturer. This request may not be accepted by a dealership if the locksmith is not fully licensed and has registered properly with that dealer.

The professional way is to create a set of keys that match all the locks on the vehicle by using a lock scope. It allows the locksmith to open the key chamber and has a light to look inside to read the wafer information needed to cut a matching key. This non-destructive way of matching keys to locks speeds up the time that the locksmith works with the customer and helps reduce their stress levels. Visit YouTube to see a video describing how this is used. The video is from 2012 but the equipment and techniques have not changed much.

In one of our recent jobs, we worked on creating new keys for a 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt. After gauging the teeth depths etc. with the locksmith lock scope, we cut the key and programmed it using our computer (a 12-minute wait for GM products). No key code was required or used – this was done by Calgary ReKey Lockworks while all local GM dealers were not available for key codes (the customer was told he would have to wait till the next day by other supposed “locksmiths” if they could even get the code from the dealer). The entire job was completed in under 30 minutes and the customer was on their way. Contact us for more information on this type of rekeying for your vehicle.

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