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A Locksmith Viewpoint

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For a small enterprise, the consequences of a break-in can be exceptionally damaging and may range from the destruction of property to the loss of items, finances, and private information and records – this is what a Locksmith specializes in repairing but is better suited to create a prevention plan. Additionally, there is the feeling of being powerless and unprotected many people experience after a theft. It is critical to bear in mind that there are multiple steps you can take to counteract this. Restructuring your office security will help you re-establish a sense of control and better shield your belongings and building in the future. Continue reading to learn some effective measures to take into account:

Evaluating the Damage

Start by evaluating the harm done to your office and take care of any needed repairs right away, particularly if it is related to access points (including small windows, empty roof space, and backdoors). This is a pressing concern since damage to doors, frames and locks can leave your business vulnerable to additional risks. Keep in mind, it can be difficult for someone who is not a professional to detect signs that a lock has been manipulated, so think about employing the services of a licensed locksmith such as Calgary ReKey Lockworks. Our experts will know what to search for, what repairs are necessary, and change locks if necessary.

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Securing the Windows

That said, a frequent tactic a thief may utilize to break into a building is by smashing the windows. If this is a situation that has occurred in your case and you have broken or shattered windows, it is critical to address this issue without delay.

It is important to take caution against criminals who might take advantage of your unprotected property. Do not think that your home or business cannot be targeted multiple times on the same day. We suggest boarding up your broken windows to secure your property until you can make more permanent changes. We offer emergency locksmith services – simply give us a call at 403-202-7656 and one of our professionals could be at your commercial location in only 20-40 minutes. To be extra careful, it is best to have a layered security system in place for your office. Many commercial properties have good locks on the doors, but it is a good idea to look at the bigger picture when evaluating security.

A Layered Defense

A layered defense is basically the use of multiple security measures that, when combined, can offer a high level of protection. Some locksmith-based examples are:

  • Setting up high-definition CCTV systems and security alarms
  • Putting locks on all the doorways, not just the external ones
  • Securing all valuable items in the safe at the end of the day
  • Having guidelines in place to address potential internal threats (like changing the safe combination whenever an employee who had access to it leaves)
  • Even the staff or colleagues can be a layer of safety. Give them security training so they can be aware of any unusual activity and the best way to report it.

Each of these layers has its own purpose that helps in the achievement of improved office security.

Calgary emergency locksmith nw sw se ne

Evaluate Security Measures

After the initial shock of a break-in has subsided, it is time to evaluate the security measures put in place and figure out what can be improved. Bear in mind that safety protocols are in effect.

It may be difficult to differentiate between the warning signs, so it would be beneficial to enlist the help of a specialist in security. We offer a security assessment to guarantee the perimeter of your office is safe and sound. Our inspection of your locks will make sure they are safeguarded by your insurance, and we will also instruct you on how to make your property less attractive to criminals in the future. We are an A+ rated Better Business Bureau Accredited Business.