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Products For Finding Lost Keys

In our previous blogs, we shared ways to prevent the loss of keys and avoid a home or car lockout. Are you still having trouble keeping track of those elusive keys? Maybe it is time to invest in some of the many products to help find, or at least track, your keys. Here are a few key trackers to consider depending on your comfort level and budget. The products below are listed in no particular order.


Available on for approximately $30 Cdn plus shipping. The Smart Tracker is a small device that is attached to the item that you want to track. This device uses an app on your Apple or Android smartphone to track your lost items. As it is a Bluetooth device, the app on the phone and the Smart Tracker then need to be paired.

When you need to locate your keys, using the “Call/Beep” button in the app on your phone the Smart Tracker on your keys will beep. A handy feature is the ability to go the other way. Did you lose your phone? Click the Smart Tracker on your keys and your phone will beep.


Available through and other locations. Price starts at approximately $27 Cdn plus shipping. A Tile tracker is a small smart tracker that can attach to any item that you want to track. The first location would be your keys. On the product website, there is an interesting video of all the possible personal items where you might use Tile. How about your child’s favorite teddy bear?

This product uses an app on your iPhone or Android phone. If you misplace an item with a Tile attached, simply tap the ‘Find’ button on your Tile app. You can even locate your phone that is on silent by double pressing your Tile. This is a great, easy-to-use product with many features and the ability to track a variety of items.


Available through Best Buy Canada for approximately $35 Cdn plus shipping. Again, the smart device is placed on your keys with an app on your smartphone. The two top choices, according to the internet, are Chipolo and Tile. To see a review of the pros and cons of comparing these devices see IMore. The range of the signal, battery life, and color choice is the biggest difference. The article will help you choose.


There are a few simple products such as “Smart Tag” for $9 Cdn from Best Buy.

Choose the key tracker best suited to your needs and budget. In the end, it is finding a solution to being able to locate your keys. It is also a good idea – to have the contact information for your Calgary professional locksmith saved on your phone. Contacts will help give you peace of mind when you need them. Calgary Rekey Lockworks is your local locksmith of choice. Contact us on our website or phone (403) 202-7656