Locked out of your home?

Locked Out of Your Home

We all know someone who has done it. You probably worry you will do it. Or never expect it to happen to you so you are not prepared. What do you do when it happens? You locked yourself out of your home.

Doing the modern-day research of checking the all-knowing Google search, there is a common thread. Firstly, lots of folks get locked out. There was even a video of US President Obama locked out of the White House. You are in good company! So, what to do?

Here are five tips to do when you are locked out (assuming you have not given a trusted person a spare key or don’t have one hidden):

  1. Try all doors, windows and the garage
  2. If a window is found to be open (or at least not locked), can you crawl in safely? When this happened to me, I lifted my two-year-old son in through the window and the brilliant person he is, he opened the door.
  3. Break a window/door
  4. If you are handy or have a YouTube video available, use a credit card or pick the lock.
  5. Call a trusted Locksmith!

Number five is the obvious solution and the best one. The key point is to have a trusted Locksmith. All tips and tricks seemed to end with this point…maybe it should be first.

Tip: have your ID handy for your Locksmith. A trusted Locksmith will ask for ID.

We’ve seen people get locked out in many different ways, and are experienced in emergency locksmith services. If you find yourself in a situation where you are locked out, (misplaced or stolen house keys, keys left in the car) contact Calgary Rekey Locksmith. We offer 24-hour emergency assistance, 7 days a week.