keeping your home locked

Keeping Your Home Locked

Gone are the days of leaving your home unlocked. Today, we know this is no longer a reality. Our homes, cars, garages, and place of business must always be locked. It is recommended that you lock your home even when you are inside your residence.

Given the reality of our lives and how often you hear reports of home break-ins it is still surprising to read articles such as Global News “Unlocked doors result in 7 brazen overnight burglaries in Edmonton, police warn” (May 1, 2019, by Karen Bartko) or Calgary Herald “Lock it up or lose it: Thieves are cashing in on unlocked homes across Calgary” (October 11, 2019, by Alanna Smith and Zach Laing). An unlocked door is an invitation for thieves – even if you are home! That is your very first method of defence against break-ins – lock your doors. The front door, the back door, the door into the garage, the garage door all must be locked. Don’t forget windows, especially lower and first floor windows.

A locked door is a good start. Consider how thieves break in. It takes less than a minute to break into a home, and the burglar will spend up to 8 to 12 minutes in your home. According to police reports, a burglar will just kick in a weak door with poor locks or will bring tools such as a crowbar to pry the door open. Most break-ins occur in the middle of the day.

What can you do to slow down and hopefully prevent a thief from breaking into your home? Talk to your local experienced locksmith – Calgary Rekey Lockworks.

Here are some recommended lock tips:

  • The doors to your home should be solid core metal
  • The lock should be a Grade 1 deadbolt – stronger internal gears and the bolt itself goes farther into the door frame for strength. They have hardened cylinders inside.
  • The strike plate (part for the lock which is on the frame of the door) should be high quality and installed with two or even three-inch screws. When the screws are long enough, they can go into not just the frame of the door but the frame of the house. This will helps make it more challenging to kick in the door or for screwdrivers and crowbars to pry open a door.

Check out some of the High-Security Lock Features listed by Calgary Rekey Lockworks. We are experts at installing the right type of lock for your home and installing it correctly. A thief often targets the front door but may go to other doors. While your locksmith professional is at your home, have them check all doors. The door into your attached garage is often forgotten – even left unlocked. This door also needs attention just like the others.

For peace of mind that your home is as safe and secure as you can make it contact Calgary Rekey Lockworks. They are your local experts at changing your locks and rekeying when necessary. Call 403.202.7656 Now