Properly Licensed Locksmith

Is your Locksmith properly licenced?

In Alberta, businesses that offer security, investigation, locksmith, and automotive lock bypass services, or training for these jobs, must be properly licensed.

Licenses are issued under the Security Services and Investigators Act by the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General.

Businesses are responsible for ensuring they comply with Security Programs policies by:

  • creating internal policies
  • ensuring uniform and vehicle appearances
  • keeping records
  • reporting
    • incidents
    • new hires
    • terminations

Is your Locksmith properly licensed?

Use the Business Query and Licence Status search to:

  • generate a list of licensed businesses
  • check if an individual is licensed

Properly Licenced

Licenses are available for 1, 2, or 3 years.

Licensing requirements

All businesses must:

  • be a registered Canadian business
  • have an address in Alberta
  • be licensed or permitted by their city or municipality (if applicable)
  • have at least $1 million in liability insurance

Calgary ReKey Locksmiths

We are properly licensed as registered Locksmiths listed for the province of Alberta and are able to present the proper identification to prove the proper licensing. Ask to see a lock “PICK” license and make sure the name and photo match the person stating they are a locksmith and that the Expiry Date has not been exceeded (the license must be renewed every one, two, or three years). To see the provincial requirements to be designated a “Professional Locksmith” you can see that information here – Security Investigation Locksmith Business Resources

Properly Licensed Locksmith PICK card front   Properly Licensed Locksmith Pick card back

We specialize in:

  • Vehicle Lockout
  • Building Lockout
  • Copy Vehicle Key
  • Copy Building Keys
  • Re-key Lock
  • Install Lock
  • Repair Lock
  • New key FOB
  • Stuck key removal

Calgary Rekey Lockworks – Our mission is to be the best and most trustworthy mobile locksmith company in Calgary! We are a mobile locksmith that provides high-quality emergency, residential, commercial, and properly licensed locksmith services in the Calgary area.

For Residential or Commercial needs, call us at (403) 202-7656

For Automotive, RV, or Motorcycle needs, call (403) 477-5625

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