Benefits Of Using A Keyless Entry Lock

Have you or someone you know been locked out of their home or business? Does your family tend to misplace their keys? Have you just moved in and wonder who has a key to your home or business? If any of these situations apply to you, it might be time to investigate a Keyless Entry Lock System.

Most of us have too many keys in our lives. They can be misplaced or simply lost. Yes, a new key can be purchased, or an old key rekeyed (make sure you have a trusted experiences locksmith like Calgary ReKey Lockworks in your contact list). Instead, how about Keyless Entry?

A Keyless Entry System is exactly as the name states. In place of a key, your home or business will use a keypad system for entry. A code known to the family or employees is used for entry. This code can be easily changed in the event of, say, an employee leaves. There are also keyless entry systems that use a FOB for radio transmission – like a car remote.

Keyless Entry Systems can be placed on all of the doors to your home or business, or select doors. Plus, don’t forget garages or large sheds. Usually, one door to the home is all you need. It should be the main door the family uses for entry. Installation is normally quick and easy. They fit most standard doors.

Not all keyless systems are equal. Some are more secure than others. This factor is important as you want a system that is not easy to force open. A few questions to ask your locksmith:

  • Warranty on the unit. Some units have a lifetime (ie, Schlage or Weiser)
  • Battery life. In our cold weather, this is an important factor
  • What is the BHMA/ANSI  grading level?  Grade 3 is the lowest to Grade 1 which is the best.

This grading is very important as it provides the purchaser with information as to the system’s operation and function. Including strength of the materials, tension load, impact tolerance, finish (will it weather well), vandal-resistant, etc.

  • How many access codes can you have? Some units have more than one pre-programmed. Do you need each employee to have their own code or each family member?
  • Is the keypad backlit? Can you see the pad in low light situations?
  • Will the keyless system work with your current door(s)?

Your security and safety are important. It is therefore important that a knowledgeable, experienced, licensed, and trusted locksmith does the installation of the keyless entry system for you. They will work with you to determine the best product fit, time to install, and instruction on use. Calgary ReKey Lockworks is your Calgary expert. Contact us at (403) 202-7656 or online “Get a Quote“.