What you can expect when you call for an emergency locksmith?

Ever experienced being locked out of your home or car, or had a key break in the lock, or worse – your home has been broken into?  Maybe you just worry that any of these could happen.  Here are some suggestions on how to put your mind at ease or to help if you need emergency locksmith service.

First, you are not alone – many of us have been in situation where we needed an emergency locksmith.  Second, find a reputable company (like Quick Lockworks). Some locksmith companies only do auto, or, home – not both. Quick Lockworks  handles both services in the Calgary, AB area.

Some questions to ask when you call the emergency locksmith:

  • Estimate of emergency cost?
  • Does the company offer 24 hour service?
  • Does the company service your area of the city?
  • Time of arrival of locksmith to your location?
  • How  will you identify the locksmith. This is important. Reputable companies are concerned with your security. Are they wearing a company uniform? Are they fully equipped for any situation on arrival?

Once you have made the call to Quick Lockworks, and while you wait for the locksmith to arrive, find a safe location to stay. Don’t tamper with the locks or do damage which will hinder the expert. Have your identification ready – a reputable company should ask for this before doing any work – this is for your safety.

Be prepared. Know the phone number to call for your piece of mind. 

If you need an emergency locksmith, Quick Lockworks can send one of our locksmith over right away—anywhere in Calgary. Our services range from basic unlocking in emergency lockout situations, to the cutting of new keys. Call us now at (403) 202-7656.

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