My Key is Stuck in the Lock

We’ve all been there, it’s been a long day at work, you’ve hit every red light on our way home and now you just want to put on your favourite sweat pants and relax. But for some reason, when you return home and put the key in, it gets stuck! 

There are a few reasons why this can happen. Your key is worn out or poorly cut, this can cause it to break off in the lock. The lock may be broken, perhaps there is a loose part in the mechanism. If you live in Calgary, you are used to the weather changing within the hour. Sudden weather changes can cause metal and wood to expand or shrink fast.  Alternatively, you’ve had a long day and simply used the wrong key. Fret not, here are some quick tips on how you can get your key unstuck: 

My key is stuck:

  • Do not force the key, as this can cause it to snap. 
  • Do not try to take the lock apart, this can cause further damage and cost you more at the end of the day. 

  • Solutions: 
  • Gently wiggle the key while pulling it out. 
  • Apply lubricant to the lock and gently pull the key out.
  • Reminder: Not all keys and locks are the same, there are many locks and numerous brands. Lubrication and wiggling your key might work for some locks and brands; however, it can damage others. 
  • Guarantee Solution: Call your local Calgary locksmith. The experts at Calgary Rekey Lockworks have been trained to deal with various types of locks and can get your key unjammed in minutes. 

My Key Broke Off in the Lock

  • Do not insert the rest of the key back into the lock, even if only a small part broke off inside. You end up pushing the broken key further into the lock making it more difficult to take out. 
  • Hold on to the broken pieces of your key, once your locksmith has fixed your lock, they can recut you a new key. 
  • Avoid inserting anything into the lock, even if you think it is small enough to wedge your key out. This can damage your lock, recutting your key costs less than replacing a lock.

  • Solution:
  • Depending on how much broke off, you can attempt to pull the broken key out with your fingers or you can try to use needle-nose pliers. Do not force it to come out, moving it too much might cause the broken key to be pushed further in.
  • Guarantee Solution: To avoid further costly damages and save time, call your Calgary locksmith. The locksmiths at Calgary ReKey have the tools and expertise to ensure your lock remains undamaged and your key gets replaced. 

Getting your key stuck is frustrating, however, it is preventable. Ensuring your lock is clean of debris and properly lubricated is essential. Sprays like WD-40 keep metal protected from rust and corrosion while simultaneously lubricating the lock mechanism. 

However, if live in Calgary, you can contact Calgary ReKey Lockworks. Our expert emergency technician team provides fast reliable service. Our locksmiths are master lockpickers and know exactly how to get you back into your home in no time. Our emergency number is 403.202.7656  add our contact information to your list.