locked out in winter

Locked Out in the Winter

Alberta winters, like most provinces in Canada, are very cold. Wind chills in the minus Celsius, snow and ice, evening arriving earlier. Not a time to be locked out of your home. As mentioned in previous blogs, there are ways to avoid lockouts.

Online information regarding avoiding being locked out of home, office, or vehicle usually ends with – ‘call your local locksmith’. However, by the time you get to that stage you are frustrated and probably very cold. Why not ensure you have the name of your trusted professional Calgary locksmith already in your contact list or at least know their name. Being locked out of anywhere, having issues with locks, locks and the importance of security for our homes are often not top of mind but will give you the most stress when something goes wrong. Be proactive – have Calgary Rekey Lockworks contact information at hand.

Avoiding getting locked out in the winter is being disciplined. If you need reminders, how about where keys are stored? Are they convenient to the exit points in your home? Do you remember to place the keys back in the same location when entering your home? There are many choices in key storage for the home. Having a dedicated storage unit (a simple hook will do the job) and place for keys will help remind you to grab the keys on your way out. Tip: not so close a thief can easily grab the key.

An external lockbox that requires a combination code to open is a great idea. Placed inside, for example, the garage where it is not obvious to thieves but accessible when needed will help. The trick will be remembering the code to the lockbox. Most of us have smartphones these days, so noting the code on the phone is an idea.

Have a spare key with a trusted friend or neighbour. If you exchange keys with them, you are helping each other out. Make sure this is a trusted person. It would be a good idea to choose someone close in case it is a cold day. If you don’t have someone to leave a key with, at least ensure you have a safe warm location to shelter until your Calgary locksmith arrives.

Should you or a member of your family or household be prone to leaving keys, or losing keys, consider Keyless Entry Systems. As not all of these systems are secure or built to a high standard, work with your local locksmith for the correct system to meet your needs. There are systems that will also work with your smartphone. No more getting locked out of your home.

Take the time in your busy life to decide what method best meets your or your family’s needs. Calgary Rekey Lockworks is your professional trusted Calgary locksmith. With our years of experience and services, we are here to help. Contact us online or by phone at 403.202.7656.