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Five Fascinating Facts Behind Our Locks and Keys

We use our locks and keys every day we often forget the rich history and beauty behind the little metal objects we carry in our pockets and bags. In fact, the first known evidence of a lock and key wasn’t even metal, it was made from wood. This brings us to fascinating fact number one!

1-     World’s First Known Lock and Key 

One of the earliest known lock and key systems dates back to 4000 years ago. The wooden lock and key were found in the ruins of Nineveh in ancient Egypt. The mechanism worked very similarly to what we use today. There were a series of tumblers that lifted up so the wooden bolt would slide out and open. A couple of hundreds of years later in Greece, they would replace the wooden sections with metal. Owning a key back then was a status symbol. It meant the owner had something valuable to lock up. So instead of carrying designer goods, our ancestors would have carried a key to show off their wealth

2- James Sargent 

In 1857, James Sargent was credited for creating the first re-keyable combination lock. He modernized how locks are made and manufactured today. In 1880, he combined his combination lock with a delay-timer creating the world’s first time-delay combination lock. The lock has been incorporated into safes to prevent armed robberies. The teller would input a duress code that sends a signal to police notifying them of an emergency. To this day, bank vaults still use his patented Bme lock mechanism.

3- Love Lock Bridges 

Besides the practicality of locking your valuables away for safekeeping, a lock and key is a symbol of love in different parts of the world. In Paris France, couples would write their names on a lock and a8ach it onto the Pont des Arts Bridge. Due to the popularity of this tradition, the local government has prohibited any more locks from being a8ached. People have noted that the weight of the locks caused structural damage to the bridge. However, the tradition is still alive in many parts of the world. For example, The Father Bernatek Footbridge in Krakow, Marketsteg Bridge in Salzburg and the Most Ljubavi Bridge, in Serbia, to name a few.

4- Harry Houdini 

Harry Houdini is most well-known for his career as an illusionist, but did you know his first job was at a locksmith’s shop. He was only 11, but his experience working as a locksmith taught him how to masterfully pick locks and escape various dangerous situations. His talent for lock picking changed history. Locksmiths were constantly creating new ‘unpickable locks’ all in the interest of outsmarting Houdini. We wonder how he will stand up against Calgary ReKey’s high-security pick and drill-resistant lock.

5- Birds of A Feather, Pick Locks Together

People aren’t the only ones who can master the art of lockpicking. In 2014 a Senegal parrot named Magic picked two padlocks and managed to escape from his cage. His owners noted that he had done this a few times before, hence the two locks on his cage. Goffin’s cockatoos have also been known to pick locks. They are known to be problem solvers and have a talent for spatial and strategic reasoning. scientists conducted a study on ten cockatoos and found they could open complex locks without any prior training.

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