Car Key Maintenance

It is a safe assumption that your car keys are one of the most coveted items you keep on your person (after your phone of course). A vehicle can not operate without the key or fob to enter the machine and trigger the ignition. We have all experienced the immediate panic when you pat yourself down and your car keys are not in your pockets or your purse. Misplacing or damaging your keys may result in having to call a locksmith to open your door, or a tow service to get your car back to your home. Not only is replacing a car key annoying, but it can also be expensive. It is important for vehicle owners to have a system in place to prolong the life of their car keys.


Do you have a set place to keep your car keys? It is good practice to have a secrete designated area to store your keys when you are at home. Car keys are one of the highest targeted items in the unfortunate event of a home invasion. Instead of tossing your keys on the counter or in a key bowl by the door, try keeping your keys in a cubby or in a nightstand drawer in the bedroom. 

Loss Prevention

When out and about, try keeping your keys directly on your person via a keyring clamped to your belt, or using an inside coat pocket (double-check for holes). Be wary about keeping your car keys in your purse or handbag, they can be snatched by a thief in the blink of an eye. Your car keys should be treated with the same level of desecration as your wallet. You wouldn’t walk around downtown holding your wallet dangling out of your pocket, right? Try to keep your keys as hidden as possible. After all, you are only using them to enter or exit your vehicle, so stow them safely away! 


Many of us do not consider the effect of every day wear & tear on our car keys. With time, our keys deteriorate, and our fobs and can be worn down. Spring-loaded key fobs can require maintenance or need replacing if not properly kept. Avoid keeping a lot of items on your car keychain, as the weight dangling down while the key is in the ignition can cause faster wear & tear. Avoid subjecting your keys to extreme hot or cold weather and water damage. If you notice that your key is bent and has to be jimmied to fit into the ignition or door, you have likely bent your keys. Even a slight bend can wreak havoc on your car, and jamming your keys in is not good for the car mechanics. If you are fighting your car to get your key in, it is time to get a new key. 

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By keeping your car keys in a safe place, and being mindful of some simple maintenance tips, you can prolong the life of your car keys, saving you some serious coin over time. If you are experiencing trouble with your automotive keys or locks, contact us or call us at (403) 202-7656.

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